Hello! Thank you very much for visiting Paperprojects.org (Papercake.nl). I am Xuan. I rediscovered Origami in September 2012 when I was trying to find a nice unique way of wrapping my handmade tea bag. While browsing through Youtube, I found quite some nice video tutorials on folding Origami boxes and I folded one instructed by Jo Nakashima. Since then, I have been practicing Origami and folded way too many models. now I am subscribed to over 15 Origamists on Youtube and have frequent contact with some of them, such as Sara Adams from Happyfolding.com. The generosity of these lovely creative-minds really touched me!

Not sure about you, but I am always fascinated by the fact that so many cool and vivid creations can be made out of just a sheet of paper!  Of course, I get very excited about the result but the process of folding paper is really rewarding. You need to be very dedicated and naturally you enjoy some relaxing time with yourself. People around me say that I become more patient since I started paper folding. 🙂

Yes, I am getting more and more addicted to Origami and I’d love to do something for it. Since a year ago, I started this blog to keep track of my own experience with Origami. In the past few months I also started giving free workshops in Amsterdam after work. While introducing Origami to more people, I am making new friends thanks to Origami! Also, I am introducing great Origami tutorials to Chinese Origami enthusiasts. I also have my little Etsy shop that sells my handmade Origami inspired jewelery and beautiful Origami Paper selected by myself.

Before Origami, I never had a hobby that lasted more than 2 months. I am very thankful that I am getting even more crazy about it everyday!

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