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Origami Workshop & Action Model Recommendations

Dachshund Dog by Perro Salchicha

Last Tuesday we had another PaperCake Workshop and this time it is all about Action Models! Everyone was very impressed by these genius designs and fun models!


I selected a few typical action model designs.






As usual, we folded three models. The first two are classic traditional models, Camera and flapping Crane bird. The third one is called Rotating Tetrahedron, or one of us called it “Rotating Fortune Cookies”. 🙂

If you want to learn more, please find below a list of Action Model recommendations!

1. Origami Fireworks designed by Yami Yamauchi.


This is such a wonderful model. It requires 12 sheets of paper. Recommended size 10cmx10cm with the same color on both side.

Video Tutorial by Jo Nakashima:

2. 3-D Transforming Ninja Star designed by Ray Bolt

This model needs 8 sheets of paper. I’d recommend using thicker paper.

Video Tutorial by JeremyShaperOrigami:

3.Origami Spring into Action designed by Jeff Beynon


This model requires one sheet of A4 size paper.

Video Tutorial by Jo Nakashima:

4. Modular Spinning Top / Beyblade

This model requires 3 sheets of paper.

Video Tutorial by Paper Folds – Origami:

5. Hacking Egg by Peter Engel


This is such a cute and unique design! I used 1 sheet of square paper, 15cmx15cm.

Video Tutorial by Sara Adams from

6. Dachshund Dog by Perro Salchicha


It is best to use a sheet of paper with duo colors. Size of 15cm x 15cm is perfect.

Video Tutorial by Leyla Torres from