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Origami Workshop – Spinning top!

Origami Workshop - Spinning top

Last September, we had an extra action model workshop. The topic was Spinning Top! It was really lots of fun!



It was such a great workshop! We had lots of fun spinning them!

Posted by PaperCake on Sunday, 27 September 2015

There are quite some spinning top tutorials on Youtube. Here are a few models that I’d like to recommend.

1. Origami Spinning Top designed by Yami Yamauchi, a great Japanese Origamist.


Video tutorial is by Jo Nakashima

This is a quite simple model that also suits kids. Paper size used 18cmx18cm. To print out the diagram, download it here.

Another print pattern is called “Benham’s Disk”. When the model spins, it will give you an optical illusion. You can download the pattern here.

2. Spinning Top by Manpei Arai

It is an intermediate level model which requires one sheet of paper with duo-color. Recommended paper size is 15cmx15cm. Video tutorial is instructed by Sara Adams from

3. Modular Spinning Top

This model requires 3 sheets of paper. Recommended paper size is 15cmx15cm.

Video Tutorial

We had some new participants who were not so sure about their paper folding talent. But in the end, they were really happy about the results! 🙂

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