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Origami Tessellation: Hydrangea

This week I followed one of  Sara Adams ‘s instructions on how to make this beautiful Origami Hydrangea designed by Shuzo Fujimoto using Tessellation technique. I have been following Sara’s Youtube channel for almost a year and her instructions are very clear.  Definitely one of my favorite Origami channel to follow.

IMG_20150316_151516_mh1426533888336~2 IMG_20150316_151725_mh1426533800966~2IMG_20150316_151911_mh1426533947344IMG_20150316_151919_mh1426533750890IMG_20150316_152331_mh1426533687648IMG_20150316_152317_mh1426534015180

What Do You Need ?

For this model, I think it is best to use some paper that is not too thick but strong, maybe tissue foil paper.  I used a sheet of Kami paper, 15cmx15cm for the first model. The result is good. If you want to add more layers to it, the bigger the size is, the better.  For the second one, I experimented with some very thick paper with lots of textures but as you can see it hardly holds the crease.


Video Instruction:


1. Try to make the pre creases as exact as possible as it will give you a clean finish afterwards. Just take you time!


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Origami Mystery Tessellation

I did my first Origami Tessellation project yesterday. I am always amazed by the beautiful geometry patterns that this technique can bring.

This is a design of ilan Garibi and he has uploaded some quite nice video tutorials of his own designs. Strongly recommend to subscribe to his youtube channel.

I started with folding 4 molecules (2×2) and then made one with 16 molecules (4×4). The great thing about this design is that you can move on to create lots of molecules using the same principle.

20140316_115807 20140316_120118

20140316_115627 20140316_115703

What Do You Need ?

The paper that ilan suggested is called Elephant Hide. In general, this kind of paper is good for tessellation folding as it is strong and holds the shape very well. I have never used this paper before. For the 2 molecules, I used one sheet of thicker origami paper. I found some thick wrapping paper to make the 4 molecules one which gives me good result as well I think. Just try to find something that is strong should be fine.

Depends on how many molecules you want to make, the size of the paper varies. The first step is to fold the paper into grid. Ilan also provided the formula, 1+7*X, X is the number of molecules (per row/column) that you want to have. For instance, to have 2 molecules per row/column, you need 1+7*2 = 15 grids. The length of the grid can be around 1cm.

Video Instruction

It takes quite some time and patience to fold this. However, after folding several molecules, you will feel more comfortable.


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Origami Flower Pin

This is a really cute and fun model to make! You can wear it on your clothes, bags, hats, etc. A wonderful origami decoration !

20140309_15350820140309_160249  20140309_160620

What Do You Need ?

Paper: One sheet of paper, 10cm x 10cm. Using sturdier paper with different colors on both sides will give you better result. I used Yuzen paper. The finished model will be ~4cm on the edge and ~5cm along the diagonal. I find this a nice size for wearing.

Others: A Pin (~38mm), a drawing pin and glue gun. You can also try to find a self-sticky pin as shown in the instruction video below.

Instruction Video

The video below is made by Leyla Torres who is an origami designer and educator. I found her instruction videos very clear and it is always fun to watch them. You can also visit her website for more models.


1.I folded the four outstanding corners back to hide the plain background color. I added some glue so that they do not pop out all the time.



2. I noticed that the front flower layer can be a bit puffy. Therefore, I added a drawing pin in the middle of the model to make both layers stick to each other. It could be a nice accent to the model I think.


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Origami Coaster or Cup Mat

I came across this nice origami coaster model which has the shape of lucky clover.

Origami Coaster 2

Origami Coaster 1
What Do you Need ?

Paper: two sheets of paper of 15cmx15cm. You can use any type of paper. Based on my experience, it is best to use thinner paper like origami paper, gift wrapping paper. Also, it is nicer to have the same color on both sides of the paper. However, using paper with one sided color is not a problem at all.

Video Instruction


1. The finished coaster might not be that flat. You can put it in a book or put a book on it for a few days to flatten it.