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Paper Review: Origami Paper from Midori

Thanks to Misc-store, Papercake was introduced to this great Origami paper designed by the Japanese stationery brand – Midori.

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The design is very cute and modern. The paper has the perfect weight for Origami, crispy and strong. The folding experience is very enjoyable! Each pack comes with 20 sheets, 2-4 patterns. The size is also standard, 15cm x 15cm. Not just for Origami, the paper is also very suitable for gift wrapping. Midori has its own recipe books for that!

Here are some examples that I created with the paper

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Origami Bowtie and card holder

Youtube tutorials:
1. Red bowtie instructed by Leyla Torres from OrigamiSpirit:
2. Brown bowtie instructed by Paper Kawaii:
3. Green bowtie instructed by Wonderful Innovations:
4. Card holder instructed by Leyla Torres:


Rectangle Gift Box Origami with Lid

Video tutorial instructed by PlayExperiences:



Video tutorials:
1. Smaller dots instructed by Happypuppytruffles:
2. Bigger dots envelop instructed by Paper Kawaii:


Easy traditional Origami Masu box

Video tutorial by Idunn Origami:


Origami coasters!

Video tutorials:
1. Green dotted instructed by 종이나라 – Paper origami world:
2. Yellow dotted instructed by Ayukane Origami art:
3. Red dotted instructed by Ilyere:
4. Blue dotted instructed by TatianaOr:


Christmas tree! There are so many models on Youtube!

Video tutorial by Rob’s World:


Origami messenger with heart shape!

1. Red heart instructed by Jenny W
2. Blue heart instructed by Leyla Torres:


Cute cat and dog bookmarks!

1. Cat bookmark by Jo Nakashima:
2. Bull dog bookmark by 1petiteSorciere:


Origami gift bag instructed by Handmade:


Where to find them:


Misc Store Amsterdam

De Clerqstraat 130

1052 NP Amsterdam

The Netherlands