Thanks to Origami, that PaperCake exists.

PaperCake is looking to share the lifestyle that we treasure ourselves: To leave the hectic day-to-day activities that you have in a busy city, we grant ourselves a time to shut down and surround ourselves with the simpler things in life – with friends and good food in a beautiful environment crafted with care. We get really excited about the idea of spending a lovely Sunday afternoon with friends doing some DIY paper projects, at the same time you are surrounded by delicious cakes and tea.

PaperCake strives to introduce paper folding fun to more people through many ways. Below are a few examples:

1. Party Decorations

Origami decorations are beautifully unique and can greatly boost the event atmosphere!

PaperCake folded 80 Origami hearts for a friend’s wedding party. Each heart has a guest’s name and their dinner table number. The heart is also given to the guest as a memorable gift.

Origami Hearts folded by PaperCake, designed by Andrey Lukyanov
Origami Hearts folded by PaperCake, designed by Andrey Lukyanov


PaperCake also folded the Origami Bride and Groom decoration on top of the wedding cake.

Origami Bride and Groom folded by PaperCake, designed by Jo Nagashima
Origami Bride and Groom folded by PaperCake, designed by Jo Nagashima

Also, the wedding ring box!

Origami Heart Box
Origami Heart Box

Not just Wedding decor, Origami can definitely surprise you at your Party! 🙂

IMG_20150704_173818_mh1436989320889 IMG_20150704_103202_mh1436988052785  IMG_20150711_101330_mh1436987726360

2. On demand Origami Workshop at your location

Papercake is giving free Origami workshop in Amsterdam. It is a great way to meet and get to know new people. Origami creates a fun learning experience. We chat, fold and have lots of fun.


Papercake can design custom Origami Workshops at organizations to boost teamwork spirits.

3. On site Event Participant

Papercake has been invited to several company events.

Origami Demonstration with AJA @ IBC Event, Sep 2015





Booking event in April 2015

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If you are interested in what PaperCake offers, feel free to get in touch here.

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