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Origami: Pelleas Box by Peter Keller

Origami Pelleas Box by Peter Keller

Another great design introduced by Sara from She is organizing a monthly “Your Origami Folds” program where she shows photos of the same model from Origami enthusiast who followed her tutorial video. I really like this initiative and have participated in the past 3 events.

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Origami Tessellation: Hydrangea

This week I followed one of  Sara Adams ‘s instructions on how to make this beautiful Origami Hydrangea designed by Shuzo Fujimoto using Tessellation technique. I have been following Sara’s Youtube channel for almost a year and her instructions are very clear.  Definitely one of my favorite Origami channel to follow.

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What Do You Need ?

For this model, I think it is best to use some paper that is not too thick but strong, maybe tissue foil paper.  I used a sheet of Kami paper, 15cmx15cm for the first model. The result is good. If you want to add more layers to it, the bigger the size is, the better.  For the second one, I experimented with some very thick paper with lots of textures but as you can see it hardly holds the crease.


Video Instruction:


1. Try to make the pre creases as exact as possible as it will give you a clean finish afterwards. Just take you time!