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Japanese Woodblock printing Workshop @JCE

Two weeks ago, Papercake went to a woodblock printing workshop organized by Japan Cultural Exchange in Amsterdam. It was two and half hours’ hard work but totally worth it! The workshop was instructed by Akane Mori from Takezasado studio established in 1891 in Kyoto, Japan.

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Origami Workshop & Action Model Recommendations

Dachshund Dog by Perro Salchicha

Last Tuesday we had another PaperCake Workshop and this time it is all about Action Models! Everyone was very impressed by these genius designs and fun models!

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Origami Workshop: Alien

Recently NASA’s Kepler space telescope has spotted the most Earth-like alien planet yet discovered —  Kepler-452b. Not just scientists, many of us are wondering if there are indeed Aliens living there. On Wedneday, PaperCake organized a Origami Workshop with “Alien” as the theme.

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PaperCake @ Booking Event, 18th April 2015

A few days ago, we as PaperCake joined yearly Booking’s event for IT partners in Amsterdam. This social event was about gathering Booking’s foreign employees from the IT department and their partners.  It is a big step to live abroad, therefore various workshops are held to help the partners know the Dutch culture, learn tips on finding jobs and connect to other various groups/organizations that interest them.

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Easter Origami Workshop March 2015

Origami heart shape with rabbit ears

Last Wednesday(18th March), I organized our Easter Origami workshop. It went very well and I got to know a few more new friends! The theme of this workshop is all about Easter, heart with rabbit ears, hen container and little bunny.

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