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Japanese Woodblock printing Workshop @JCE

Two weeks ago, Papercake went to a woodblock printing workshop organized by Japan Cultural Exchange in Amsterdam. It was two and half hours’ hard work but totally worth it! The workshop was instructed by Akane Mori from Takezasado studio established in 1891 in Kyoto, Japan.

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Origami Workshop: Alien

Recently NASA’s Kepler space telescope has spotted the most Earth-like alien planet yet discovered —  Kepler-452b. Not just scientists, many of us are wondering if there are indeed Aliens living there. On Wedneday, PaperCake organized a Origami Workshop with “Alien” as the theme.

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First Origami Workshop in 2015!

Last Wednesday (11th Feb 2015), I organized the first origami workshop of 2015! Thanks a lot to my colleague Olga’s help, the event went pretty well and everybody had lots of fun! Since the Valentine’s Day is approaching, I prepared 3 heart models for people to fold. We reserved a table on the first floor of a nearby cafe called P.King. The location is pretty center and it was nice and quiet, perfect for the workshop. Through our facebook page – PaperCake, we had 10 people joining the workshop in total. It was funny that a guy from Israel who happened to be there saw my folds on the table and just joined us and started folding.

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Book binding workshop at Boekbinderij Papyrus

Back in October 2014, I participated in my first book binding workshop at Boekbinderij Papyrus in Leiden. It was a really lovely day and I enjoyed it a lot! Of course, I also made some simple booklets as my achievement.

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