artist support

Pia’s work with ActionSpace’s artists with complex learning disabilities is outstanding. She encourages them to explore their creativity, develop their skills, strive for excellence and achieve their potential. Her success in doing this is demonstrated by the joy the artists display when working with her, the standard of the artwork they produce and the positive feedback they received from visitors to our exhibitions.

Sheryll Catto
Co-Director, ActionSpace

It’s a privilege to be a part of ActionSpace’s team supporting artists with learning disabilities. I work closely with individuals to understand their interests and assist them to develop an ambitious, independent studio practice.

I lead ActionSpace’s programme for adults with profound and multiple disabilities, based at The Greenwood Centre in Camden. Activities and materials are adapted for individual participants, and everyone is encouraged to make independent choices as we experiment with sound, touch, light and movement.

I’m proud to share our practice and principles with NHS and social care trainees visiting our sessions. Carefully curated exhibitions, events and open activity sessions engage with a wider audience and showcase ActionSpace’s projects and the exceptional work of the artists.   

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artists work pictured: Linda Bell, Philippa Marshall,  Abu Hasnat, Patrick Moses, Sara Anthony.
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