special educational needs

Pia is able to engage the most sensory learners and help them to participate in the most well-resourced, creative and differentiated art activities.  She was able to produce astounding creativity with them and they responded really surprisingly to these activities which included colour, audio and tactile activities including dyeing, sound techniques, charcoal work, and paper making.

Sarah Joshi
Class Teacher, Phoenix School London

Through a long term partnership with teachers at a specialist state school for Autistic students, I have been delivering playful activities which explore the sensory possibilities of materials. Sessions are open-ended and responsive, allowing individuals to direct their own outcomes. Students often find it particularly exciting and rewarding to make their own art materials from scratch.

Equipment and spaces are used imaginatively and safely, and I prepare and adapt for unpredictable behaviour. Building an energetic creative atmosphere keeps students engaged, and I maintain balance with periods of calm concentration.

Working closely with teachers and support staff to share skills and knowledge, students are encouraged to work collaboratively, make independent choices and share ideas non-verbally.
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